Welcome to Story Unscripted….my life as I never expected it to be when I was 16, 20, 30, 40 or even as I approach 50. The ups and downs were nothing what I expected and led me to three critical components – strength, stability and skills.

My strength comes from my physical as well as mental health. I’m definitely not a fitness guru, and I’m definitely not a psychologist. But I’ve got some stories about fitness, food and fun that I hope I can share with you to make a difference.

My stability comes from my family first, and WOW are there some stories to tell. From being a single mom to a stepmom, through divorce, drugs and depression, I have seen it all. I hope my stories help you see that there is no one perfect life.

Finally, my skills ground me. But, recently, that aspect of my life as been turned upside down. In my stories about finding work-life balance through challenges as well as success, I hope you see that the terms “female executive” or “girl boss” are really just that….words. It’s your actions with people that make you who you are.

Stick around. Share your stories. Laugh and cry with me at mine. Let’s enjoy this wild trip of my Story Unscripted

Published by Laura Blood

A mom, wife and professional worker bee trying to figure out how to navigate through a life that I never expected.

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