The Ramblings of Today

My mind is a complete blank. Prior to having this blog, on days like today, when my stress level is through the roof and the fear of what is to come is overwhelming, I would simply write words on paper. I would ramble through the voices in my head and get them out on paper.Continue reading “The Ramblings of Today”

Anxiety….It’s Who I Am

I have always struggled with anxiety. As a child, I remember asking to hold onto my Mom’s purse while she was in the fitting room at Macy’s. It was a tactic to ensure she would come back … for her purse, not me. I have always been told that I am too sensitive. On theContinue reading “Anxiety….It’s Who I Am”

A Story About Loss … and Gain

Like so many stories, this one is in progress. It is a story of how the loss of expectations brought me to the greatest realization …. I alone can stand strong because I am strong. My parents divorced when I was 16…but this is not a story about a broken home and a damaged childhood.Continue reading “A Story About Loss … and Gain”